Accomplish something before 2009 ends?

2009 New Year's Day Pillar

Sundown, New Year's Day 2009

Seriously? YES. Take a look at this post on – especially item #4.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m reading a well-written, highly visited blog, I also like to read the comments under an interesting post. Why? Well, if it’s a good blog, smart people read it. And they want to show how smart they are in the comments. No offense intended to any smart people who might accidentally read MY blog! But I have gained a lot of additional insight from reading the comments section.

I hope you find something useful. Have a great and PRODUCTIVE New Year!


Winter: Temporary

Dragging the Kite

Dragging the Kite

Some folks have been complaining about the cold and snow in Indiana. This is a simple reminder that it’s only temporary, and soon it will be warm again. And, yes, that’s a woman asleep on a towel in the foreground. This scene was shot seven weeks ago, when we drove to Orange Beach, AL for a 4-day weekend. I endorse this sort of behavior for attitude management.

My favorite Christmas decoration

I can’t remember where I got it. Mom probably gave it to us when my wife and I got married. I entered it in an “Ugliest Christmas Ornament” contest once. It came in third.

It used to have a loop, for hanging on the tree. Now, it’s just a decoration. It’s about 2.5″ tall. I call it “Christmas Clown Alien” because it looks like a circus clown in a Christmas-colored space suit. I normally put him out with my Kwanzaa Santa. The rest of our Christmas decorations are very conventional.

Christmas Clown Alien“Christmas Clown Alien”

I hope that you and yours had a very Merry Christmas!

Do Less – Get More

“Success comes from ignoring the busy and sticking with developing content and pursuing projects that matter to your goals.”

The sound byte, if you will, from a blog post by Brian Clark at called “How to Do Less and Get More.” Wouldn’t you like to make that work for you during the holidays, and in the coming year? Give it a read – very brief, good stuff.

Time to start playing games?

I haven’t played computer games since…a brief stint with Myst. But there are some deals here that have me thinking about starting again.

The Cheapskate’s blog on CNET always has great deals. Check him out. And have a very Merry Christmas!!

Mid-December Sunset

December Sunset, originally uploaded by exactlyjr.

This was taken last night – Thursday, December 17,2009. Enjoy!

Your business & marketing calendar for 2010?

Planning for 2010How specifically are you scheduling your marketing, advertising, customer service, and other business activities for 2010? AND, are you finished with a 1st draft of your plan? Post your answers in the comments.