Solar Pillar 2010-01-28 AM

Solar Pillar 2010-01-28 A.M.


Great tips for job seekers!

These are funny. And, possibly EXTREMELY useful. Take a look.

10 Questions Not to Ask in the Job Interview – from

I think my favorite is the one concerning getting rid of someone for poor performance. However, the author didn’t cover asking for a huge sign-on bonus. Too bad. I guess I’ll just keep using “trial and error” on that one.

Sunshine Substitute

Substitute Sunshine

I hope this brightens your day! --JR

After several foggy and overcast days in Central Indiana, we could use a break. Please enjoy some “sunshine substitute” courtesy of Orange Beach, Alabama.

A scene I would have missed.

January 14, 2010 Dawn, originally uploaded by exactlyjr.

I was peeking in on Twitter this morning, and @AmyStark posted,”If you are in Central #Indiana, please take a moment to look at the sunrise. Truly breathtaking.”

I’m glad she did. I would have missed it, even sitting in front of a window facing South. Thanks to @AmyStark for reminding me to simply look and enjoy.

Have a great day!

The Essentials of Goal-Setting

I want to share with you some wisdom regarding general goal setting for your business, or even for personal activities. These ideas have been written about a lot for centuries. I don’t have anything new here…please consider this a friendly reminder, and if you aren’t doing these things with your goals, hopefully you have a different system that will insure your success…

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A “Holy Cow” Moment in Goal Setting

At the end of 2009, I developed a basic skeleton for my 2010 business goals. It spelled out how I planned to make $X, with weekly and monthy targets – whichever made the most sense for the particular activity. I was feeling good about the fact that they were aggressive goals that would force me to work hard, and allow me to keep doing the things I enjoy about work.

Then, my weekly networking group did something pretty helpful. In last week’s activity, we chose an accountability partner and shared those goals with that person. This could help.

A lot.

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That post on planning…and new Facebook page

The post on planning…is coming soon. It has to do with revising my goals. Ironic, I know, to take so long to post an actual article on planning, but there you have it. In the meantime, I have posted a new page on Facebook to promote my Affordable Virtual Tours service. Take a look, become a fan, let me know what you think. Thanks!

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