The Essentials of Goal-Setting

I want to share with you some wisdom regarding general goal setting for your business, or even for personal activities. These ideas have been written about a lot for centuries. I don’t have anything new here…please consider this a friendly reminder, and if you aren’t doing these things with your goals, hopefully you have a different system that will insure your success…

Rules – you must do these things for goal-setting to be beneficial.

  • This is first because it’s most important: Goals must be specific and measurable. How else will you know when you’ve reached them?
  • Goals must be dated. That’s one way you’ll know if you’ve reached them (or not). Dating them also gives you incentive to get started, and to reevaluate when you’re approaching the deadline.
  • Goals must be recorded. Most people say to post them where you can see them every day, for the sake of motivation. For me, I just need them where I know I can’t lose them! Writing them down is also a step of commitment, or further commitment.
  • Goals must be shared with someone who will check you on them. If you don’t like the idea of an accountability partner, call them something else. This step is critical.

Recommendations – not critical, but can be extremely helpful.

  • Fun should be included. In other words, incorporate social activities or contests with your coworkers or peers. (Contests can be a lot of fun, but don’t make them patronizing. In other words, if a lot is at stake, make the winner’s prize substantial.)
  • Reward yourself or your employees. If it’s a small milestone, small reward – a candy bar, a new book or CD, the afternoon off. If it’s a major accomplishment, make it a major award: a car, a trip!

I’d love to hear your comments on these. What essential thing have I left out? Where did this not work for your or your organization? Or just brag about a big prize you worked hard for and won! Now, get started.


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