Time management??

Peter Drucker said, “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.”

Time cannot be managed. It advances relentlessly for everyone. Our goals, our strategies, focus and discipline must be developed and maintained.


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  1. It would be interesting to know more about the context in which Drucker is quoted here. Context really gives much more insight to the authors meanings.

    On my Life, time can be managed, but right now that’s simple not being part of all large corporation; there’s no requirements for serving others within the same atmosphere; questions for partners do cause interruptions but that too can be systemized and limited; Timothy Ferriss has a lot of ideas and experience in escaping the norm, that being “always availing yourself to random and sometimes not useful interruptions in your day/week…

    Tims advice is time tested as he used to work 16 hour days to run and manage his life and enterprises; at the point of almost quitting, he developed new dynamics that lead to more freedom and having both employees and clients understand that some “problems” they inherently could solve themselves, given enough perspectives and freedom, and spend dramatically less time calling or asking the boss/manager for his help.

    “The way we justify or rationalize our time is important; you can’t waste large amounts of it doing non-life-goal related trivial pursuits…” .~ Brian Morgan on Smaller Indiana .

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