Meeting at Coffee Junkiez with Juanita T

Meeting at Coffee Junkiez with Juanita Thomas re: promo video(s) for her business adventures. Juanita is the director of Kokomo Business Networks (KBN), and a Rainmaker. We also discussed how social media can be a powerful, low cost vehicle for reaching and connecting with clients. We developed the shell of an initial strategy, and will be getting started very soon! Go, Juanita, Go! And thanks for using Marketing Mercenary.

(This entry was initially posted as a tweet from HootSuite by J.R. during our meeting, as a demo for Juanita, with her permission.)


Broader Connections Preceding Deeper Connections

My in-box is smokin’ this morning. I sent out 72 new connection invitations by letting LinkedIn view my e-mail address book last night (convenient). I look forward to deepening my on-line and off-line relationships with these great professionals.

Foggy Scenes in NC Indiana

Here’s a view from 11:00 this morning, in full sunshine.

2010-03-23 Foggy-6

Foggy Morning

You can click through to my other photos on Flickr – the fog/steam was dense through the morning, then as the sun burned down, it seemed to squeeze more fog out of the fields.

Ribbon Cutting at Sweet Poppins

Congratulations to Tashia Johnson-St. Clair and her staff at Sweet Poppins! Friday afternoon (3-19-10), the Kokomo Chamber of Commerce ambassadors, Kokomo Business Networks members, and a number of customers helped Tashia celebrate the opening of their new retail location.

Sweet Poppins Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon cutting at Sweet Poppins

Sweet Poppins’ specialty is gourmet flavored popcorn, and flavors include blueberry cheesecake, lemon poundcake, S’mores, AMAZING traditional caramel corn, and many others. The brick and mortar store is located on US31, about 4.5 miles north of Kokomo. The on-line store can be found at

Tashia is a member of Kokomo Business Networks (KBN) and the Chamber. She gives credit to God for the secret methods she uses to prepare her tasty snacks. Sweet Poppins also provides generous and extremely convenient fund-raising opportunities.

I am proud to endorse Sweet Poppins and Tashia! Their treats are delicious, and she’s an inspiring networking partner and Kokomo businessperson, committed to success.

(Photo credits: Marketing Mercenary)

Improving Twitter Skillz in Kokomo

Twitter Seminar in Kokomo-7

Kyle Lacy poses for cheezy photo.

I can’t believe I wrote the word, “skillz.” Trying to sound hip.

Very useful and challenging information from Kyle Lacy ( at his “Twitter Marketing for Dummies” seminar at Inventrek in Kokomo. Here, the author of the book poses for a completely cheezy photo. Thanks for 2.5 hours well-spent, Kyle.

If you don’t know how Twitter can fit into your marketing strategy, buy his book. You can follow him on Twitter: @kyleplacy.

If you don’t have a marketing strategy, call me. (765) 210-6893.

Click on the photo to see others from the seminar.

Trying out Hootsuite per Kyle Lacy

Trying out Hootsuite per Kyle Lacy’s recommendation at Twitter for Dummies seminar. Looks powerful and convenient!

A Tiny World

My wife and I attended a St. Patrick’s Day party in Noblesville last night. About 800 people were rockin’ to The Flying Toasters at Mo’s Irish Pub. We met a very friendly stranger with a goofy hat on. I took his picture, and he told me to post it on Facebook. I found him on Facebook today…

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