Sunset Tracks

Sunset Tracks

Sun Setting On the Tracks

We pulled over in Northern Indiana to capture the sunset, and were rewarded with this dramatic scene.


Monday Thought

I want music in my life.

I love my family and God.

I am compelled to help others communicate well.

I need coffee.

Da First Day at Da Roux House

I must warn you that I am not a restaurant reviewer. I’m not even what some people call a “foodie.” With that said, I can tell you that I do like food with lots of flavor. I was happy to be among the crowd at lunchtime today for the opening of Da Roux House on West Sycamore in Kokomo!

Da Roux House Cajun, Creole, and BBQ

Da Roux House - Cajun, Creole, and BBQ

I was there with three friends whom you will see below. Our menu choices were as follows:

Shrimp Po’ Boy, Jambalaya, Seafood Gumbo, and Cajun Burger.

Our evaluation of our meals were, in that order…

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Compelling Telling #3 – Your Story on a Regular Basis

You may have read my earlier posts in this series, and thought, “That’s great for the first story, but how do I keep it going if I have a website, or blog, or Twitter account, or newsletter, or have to get up in front of a group of people every week?”

Every day? Week? Month?

MARKETING MERCENARY TO THE RESCUE! I’ve got some suggestions today on telling new stories every week/month/whatever. Read on.

Make a list of categories that are appropriate for your business or organization, and construct a framework that will remind you when you need to post a new entry or update. That may sound daunting…

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Guess the Feet

To which well-known Indianapolis businessperson and Rainmaker do these feet (and sandals) belong?

Hint: This was their footwear choice when speaking at a Rainmaker event recently.

Feel free to explain your opinion in the COMMENTS as well.

Mystery Presenter

Thanks for waiting for the answer that I was supposed to post on Monday. I forgot. Sorry. These feet and shoes belong to Nick Carter. Since 75% of the voters chose Nick, I guess it was only a surprise to ME that he wears “Jerusalem Cruisers” (Nick’s term) to Rainmakers events.  (Thanks for being a good sport, Nick!)

Take a break from your adventures…

I want you to read something I had the pleasure to read today.

Ali Hale

Ali Hale, writer of

The blog to which you’re being sent is written by Ali Hale. I sort of stumbled upon Ms. Hale on Twitter. I want to gratefully acknowledge that she provided some feedback on my blog that I appreciate very much.

So, I surfed over to her blog, and saw that she has a refreshing writing style. I also think that she speaks with a voice that our “constantly busy doing something” generation needs to hear.

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Rainmakers Appreciaton Reception

The Rainmakers’ recently completed headquarters building was the site for a casual reception today. The reason for the  soirée was to show appreciation for the chairpersons and Action Board members for the North Indy events.

Rainmakers North Indy Appreciation Reception for Chairs and Boards

Rainmakers North Indy Appreciation Reception for Chairs and Boards

Informal affairs like this one are great to discuss business and organizational issues, because the topics can range  freely, and one can hear and express a gut feeling as readily as a more scholarly analysis. This is fortunate for me, as I am not very scholarly, but have plenty of gut.

More information about Rainmakers Marketing Group can be found at