Compelling Telling – Your Story, Part 1

Let me tell you a story.

Scott Pumphrey

Scott Pumphrey

About a year ago, I met a guy named Scott Pumphrey. Really friendly guy. We were attending a weekly networking event together. He spoke about the MonaVie health-related products that he sells. He also recruits new sellers. Over the last year, I have heard him speak in general terms about the MonaVie line numerous times, and he has often mentioned people that have benefitted from using his products. Scott has also presented it to me personally. I have enjoyed the MonaVie Energy beverage.

“What’s the point of all this?” you may be asking yourself. Hang on. I’m almost there.

Very recently, Scott and I sat in on a business coaching session together. The leader asked about Scott’s “Why” – why does he do what he does for a living? Scott talked about the dream of early retirement to a warm locale for himself and his wife (I have heard this from him before).
THEN, Scott talked about the difference the MonaVie Active has made in his life. Scott formerly suffered with severe arthritis pain in both hands. According to Scott, the glucosamine and other ingredients in MonaVie Active have DRASTICALLY reduced his day-to-day suffering from arthritis pain. He can now do things he had given up in years past.

I thought, “FINALLY! Scott told a story that REALLY GOT MY ATTENTION!”

No offense, Scott. I’ve always appreciated your belief in your products. But I have never really seen a need for them.

You see, Scott’s personal story made an IMMEDIATE CONNECTION to my life. I injured the ligaments in both hands in a cold-weather construction project several years ago. I know what it’s like to have to make adjustments in your everyday life due to hand pain.

Now, you might be thinking that this is a sales pitch for MonaVie products. You’d be wrong.
This is a sales pitch for telling your personal or professional story. Not a story full of facts and figures, but with real people and real experiences. Tell it in a way that is compelling for people to hear, and that can motivate them to take action.

More next week.


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