Take a break from your adventures…

I want you to read something I had the pleasure to read today.


Ali Hale

Ali Hale, writer of http://www.aliventures.com

The blog to which you’re being sent is written by Ali Hale. I sort of stumbled upon Ms. Hale on Twitter. I want to gratefully acknowledge that she provided some feedback on my blog that I appreciate very much.

So, I surfed over to her blog, and saw that she has a refreshing writing style. I also think that she speaks with a voice that our “constantly busy doing something” generation needs to hear.

My favorite part is “Conscious Leisure Isn’t Procrastination.” Those of you who know me probably remember that I struggle with procrastination. Ali sheds some light on this dilemma for me. She says that it’s not truly procrastination if there is purpose behind your leisure activity – fun, relaxation, being able to come back to your work tasks with energy and renewed creativity. So, I can take a break and watch two music videos on YouTube. But not 12, then take a nap, or tune to the Cubs game – to avoid work.

Thanks, Ali, for all your help. I’ll be visiting again.

On Twitter: @alihale


One Response

  1. Thanks so much for the link, J.R. — and the kind words! Really glad you liked the post, and do stick around on the blog (and chat any time on Twitter).

    Leisure is fun, procrastination is guilt-ridden work-avoidance, that’s the way I tell the difference.

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