Compelling Telling #3 – Your Story on a Regular Basis

You may have read my earlier posts in this series, and thought, “That’s great for the first story, but how do I keep it going if I have a website, or blog, or Twitter account, or newsletter, or have to get up in front of a group of people every week?”

Every day? Week? Month?

MARKETING MERCENARY TO THE RESCUE! I’ve got some suggestions today on telling new stories every week/month/whatever. Read on.

Make a list of categories that are appropriate for your business or organization, and construct a framework that will remind you when you need to post a new entry or update. That may sound daunting…

…but once you put it in place, you’ll be glad you did. Here are some ideas.

  • Extra Mile Stories – great customer service from your employees or others.
  • Customer Service Toolbox – strategies or programs you commonly use to excel at service
  • Our Fans – TESTIMONIALS!
  • Innovations – what have we done recently that allows us to serve you better
  • Partnerships – talk about one of your industry partners that uniquely position you to be awesome

I really like this last one because you can ASK YOUR PARTNERS TO WRITE A GUEST ARTICLE FOR YOU! And remember, make them about you, and about the people with whom you work or serve – NOT about part numbers and prices.

Ideas like these can also be done on a daily, or weekly, or (insert regular interval here) basis, to help you plan ahead, write extra stories, or at least put you in URGENT mode a couple of days ahead of your deadline. Take a look:

  • “Extra Mile Friday” or “Fun Facts Friday”
  • “Customer Appreciation Week” – nothing but stories about them and their businesses or community efforts
  • “Industry News Monday”
  • “Mailbag Tuesday” or “What’s On Your Mind Wednesday”

I hope these will help you continue to tell your NEW stories for a long time to come!


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