Intentional Success

Did you notice how well the group that’s been meeting on Thursday mornings at Star Bank is getting to know each other? I mean personally, as well as providing the connections each business needs to expand? Did you see how consistently (and sincerely) upbeat this crowd is? Did you see that there are all kinds of businesses represented, from start-ups, to young businesses looking to grow, to established businesses wanting to expand into new markets?

Intentional Success #1

Kokomo-area businesspeople heading toward greater success.

Did you notice how hard they’re all working to help each other? Did you notice how a little bit of extra effort turned an otherwise mundane week into something really promising for your business?

You didn’t? Then maybe you weren’t there! Check it out next Thursday at 8 a.m. at Star Financial Bank. We’re building power circles a la the Rainmakers Model, and you can add real business-building energy to your network immediately. This may come across like I’m cheerleading for Rainmakers sometimes, but I believe in this strategy as a major avenue for my success. Period.

Call any of these folks for more information:

Nikki Lewallen, Rainmakers – (317) 902-1388
Sherry Rahl, Star Financial Bank – (765) 868-3834
Jerry “J.R.” Renkenberger, Marketing Mercenary – (765) 210-6893
Scott Pumphrey, Team MonaVie – (765) 437-1075


Quote of the Year, on Productivity and Progress

Lisa Stoner Profile Pic

Lisa Stoner

My friend Lisa Stoner posted this as her Facebook update yesterday. I think it’s awesome:

making sense needs to get past my stubborn

Lisa is an artist and graphic designer. Here’s here website: I hope you don’t  mind the shameless plug, but she’s been a big help to me in many ways, including today’s quote, and I appreciate her.

Crazy ideas about productivity

Friend Ali Hale has started a new blog, Recently, she posted a very intriguing compilation of numerous “renegade” views on productivity. I have read a number of these, and am anxious to finish the list. It’s long, but skim through it and you find ideas that will fire your imagination. You may even say, “YEAH! I always felt that, but I thought I was the only one!” Take a look.

Ready to climb into the Hotseat?

The initiatives to build a great foundation of business relationships, friendships and referrals continues in the effort to expand the economy for Kokomo and the surrounding areas! “But what’s this about a Hotseat?” you may ask.

TJ Byers Reviews, Nikki Worl on the Hotseat

TJ Byers Reviews. Nikki Worl in the Hotseat.

Thursday, May 13, we went deeper into succeeding with “power circles” that have great momentum and results for all the participants. One technique brought in by Rainmakers Director of Develpment Nikki Lewallen, was the highlight of the session. It’s called “Hotseating.” Nikki Worl of Manpower in Kokomo was the volunteer. While it sounds like a form of torture, you will find the opposite is true for the person that’s “hotseated.”

It works something like this… Continue reading


A family member and dear friend has cancer. He has had a very rough road, and received extensive treatments of various types. It’s been hard on his immediate family, but they are extremely supportive. He is currently experiencing improvement – far less pain, more energy and appetite. He was even heard singing recently!Poppy Patch

These are the poppies at our house. They are all open now – actually past their prime, and may lose most of their petals in the rain of today. Our house is surrounded by blossoms of various kinds, vibrantly celebrating their short time in bloom! And as the poppies drop their petals, some of the other flowers are about to open. They will reveal their unique beauty, and have their time in the sun.

I thank God for the reminders of His continual renewal in our world and in our lives.

Dream/don’t dream in front of me.

Sun Pillar

Photo credit: Jerry "J.R." Renkenberger

I’m conflicted. I want to encourage you, the people with whom I interact. I want to encourage you to dream – to think big, to make outrageous plans, and to “go for the gusto” in life and in your businesses. It excites me when I hear it, and it really fires me up when I can help in some way!

On the other hand, that excitement triggers another response which is natural for me: I want to tell others about it. I always want to share the things that are intriguing, exciting, challenging, humorous – the things that make us really come alive!

But wait…what if I tell someone about your plan to invent a car that runs on pollen, then you don’t follow through? That will make you seem foolish, and I don’t want that for you. Or worse, what if they steal your idea? That will rob you of a great opportunity. And, that will make me look malevolent toward you. That’s the opposite of the truth.

The answer for now is that I will still encourage you to reach for higher, wilder, more ambitious goals (i.e. to have a smokin’ website, a crazy party this weekend, or to develop a system that combines eBay with the IRS). And I will check with you before I tell the world. You know, the 25 people that check this blog every week or so.


Da Roux House – Part Deux

I was back at Da Roux House today for lunch, and tried the Jambalaya. Easily the best I’ve had in town. But, what I really want to tell you about is the “Cajun poppers” appetizer. WOW. Seriously. Need I say more? Actually, yes…

Da Roux House

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