Did you feel that?

This morning at 8 a.m., the earth moved at a Kokomo-area workplace. It was the meeting place for the beginnings of some very exciting new business initiatives started by the Rainmakers business networking organization…we’re shaking things up in the Kokomo area!

Stay tuned to your local broadcasts (e-mail, www.gorainmakers.com, Facebook, and this blog) for further instructions. Or, you can call one of the qualified personnel listed below to take action immediately.

Shaking Things Up in the Kokomo Area

Shaking Things Up in the Kokomo Area

To become involved, or for more information, call:

Nikki Lewallen, Rainmakers – (317) 902-1388
Sherry Rahl, Star Financial Bank – (765) 868-3834
Jerry “J.R.” Renkenberger, Marketing Mercenary – (765) 210-6893
Scott Pumphrey, Team MonaVie – (765) 437-1075



One Response

  1. Thanks to all who came today…strategic relationships are being built here…it’s not too late to join us! This is exciting!!!

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