Dream/don’t dream in front of me.

Sun Pillar

Photo credit: Jerry "J.R." Renkenberger

I’m conflicted. I want to encourage you, the people with whom I interact. I want to encourage you to dream – to think big, to make outrageous plans, and to “go for the gusto” in life and in your businesses. It excites me when I hear it, and it really fires me up when I can help in some way!

On the other hand, that excitement triggers another response which is natural for me: I want to tell others about it. I always want to share the things that are intriguing, exciting, challenging, humorous – the things that make us really come alive!

But wait…what if I tell someone about your plan to invent a car that runs on pollen, then you don’t follow through? That will make you seem foolish, and I don’t want that for you. Or worse, what if they steal your idea? That will rob you of a great opportunity. And, that will make me look malevolent toward you. That’s the opposite of the truth.

The answer for now is that I will still encourage you to reach for higher, wilder, more ambitious goals (i.e. to have a smokin’ website, a crazy party this weekend, or to develop a system that combines eBay with the IRS). And I will check with you before I tell the world. You know, the 25 people that check this blog every week or so.



3 Responses

  1. Jerry, I enjoy reading your thoughts and feeling your heart!

    Much love and Peace,

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