Ready to climb into the Hotseat?

The initiatives to build a great foundation of business relationships, friendships and referrals continues in the effort to expand the economy for Kokomo and the surrounding areas! “But what’s this about a Hotseat?” you may ask.

TJ Byers Reviews, Nikki Worl on the Hotseat

TJ Byers Reviews. Nikki Worl in the Hotseat.

Thursday, May 13, we went deeper into succeeding with “power circles” that have great momentum and results for all the participants. One technique brought in by Rainmakers Director of Develpment Nikki Lewallen, was the highlight of the session. It’s called “Hotseating.” Nikki Worl of Manpower in Kokomo was the volunteer. While it sounds like a form of torture, you will find the opposite is true for the person that’s “hotseated.”

It works something like this…

An individual that wants bigger success for their business opens themselves up to questions of any kind, so that the participants can help identify weaknesses in their strategies, opportunities they are missing, and connections that person needs for greater success. They commit to honest answers. Transparency is the key.

For example, when Nikki was in the Hotseat, she shared a variety of circumstances in which temporary employees are needed. As we dug deeper, she revealed that offices often have trouble covering the work when more than one staff member becomes pregnant. So, immediately we see that almost any business staff that is primarily female could run into this situation. Connections were offered for Nikki to some office managers at local dental and medical practices. Plus, Nikki will have numerous fellow businesspeople out there listening for this situation, sharing it with others, and able to notify her when it comes up in the future!

More on the “Hotseat” in future articles.

Let us put you in the Hotseat! Together, we’ll find new avenues of success for you and your business! Join us each Thursday from 8 – 9 a.m. at Star Financial Bank on Markland Avenue in Kokomo. We are building power circles NOW – call any of these folks for more information:

Nikki Lewallen, Rainmakers – (317) 902-1388
Sherry Rahl, Star Financial Bank – (765) 868-3834
Jerry “J.R.” Renkenberger, Marketing Mercenary – (765) 210-6893
Scott Pumphrey, Team MonaVie – (765) 437-1075


2 Responses

  1. No problem, Mark! A Hotseat session will surely give you ideas to help your business too!

  2. Thanks JR for this follow-up since I could not make it…

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