Kokomo Rib Fest 2010 Canceled After Strong Start.

Kokomo’s 10th Annual Rib Fib Fest was off to a good start today when it was canceled at about 8 p.m. due to severe weather. The crowd endured the first bout of rain earlier in the evening , then continued to enjoy the charity event that benefits Carver Community Center.

Crowd endures rain at Kokomo Rib Fest 2010

The crowd endures earlier rain at Kokomo Rib Fest 2010.

A number of new participants, such as Da Roux House, Ms. Mary’s Southern Cooking, and Dinner Bell (Burlington) had delicious fare for the event. Some Carver Center volunteers were serving fire-roasted sweet corn prepared by  Taylor Township Lions Club (my club), which they have done for a number of years.

Taylor Lions Club members at Rib Fest

Taylor Lions Club members at Rib Fest 2010


Carver Center volunteers Ta-Mara Smith (left) and Nerissa Gibson prep roast corn to serve.

High school jazz ensembles from Howard County were providing some great music for the event. Then, reports began to circulate that a storm with high winds was heading toward the Kokomo area. As the heavy weather began to roll in, a crew of workers attempted to install tie-down stakes in the pavement to secure some of the canopies.

Work crew attempts to anchor canopies to pavement.

A work crew attempts to install tie-down stakes to anchor the canopies.

Before they could get very far with this, the storm hit in force, and the vendors and visitors began to scramble for cover.  A couple of the canopies blew over, and the event was unfortunately doomed. If Rib Fest 2010 is rescheduled, Carver Center will certainly need your support to make Part 2 successful, so be sure to attend!


3 Responses

  1. You were a great help to everyone, Ta Mara! You’re right, the roast corn was amazingly tasty! Thanks for your kind words and your contribution!

  2. This was my 1st time attending the rib feast and i really enjoyed it being my 1st time yes it rain but i enjoyed while it last me and my sister volunteer the 1st two and a half hr at the lion club sweet buttery corn on cob vendor the corn was delicious it need to be resheduled i do believe if it hadnt rain it would been a good turn out, i will volunteer again at the lion club corn on cob vendor it was really fun and the mens were handsome to lol!!!

  3. Aw man! we left at 7:15 and we saw the rain coming. I figured they would have to cancel…

    Good to see you.

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