Impressions: Kansas, Styx and Foreigner at Verizon Wireless

The bands Kansas, Styx, and Foreigner played in that order on Friday night, June 25, starting at 7 p.m. sharp, and ending at about 11 p.m. If you get a chance to see the show, in a word, “GO.”

Kansas was EXCELLENT. Made me wish I’d seen them before their 36th year! They played passionately and beautifully, and earned the crowd’s approval.

Kansas Onstage at Verizon Wireless

Kansas Onstage at Verizon Wireless

Styx sounded awesome, but from the moment they took the stage with their arms thrown up in the air, they pranced around like they were saying, “Look how famous we are!” and “Can you believe it’s US?” Make no mistake, they are great musicians and singers, and their song selection was very good (not counting the odd opening medley). But they need to be spontaneous and lose some of the choreographed “rock star” bits.

Foreigner was sounding really good – but much too loud for me and my wife. Their front man was a bit dorky – everything seemed rather rehearsed. However, they worked hard to please the crowd, and the crowd really responded.

It was a beautiful night, and we experienced a show that was definitely worth the $30 for each ticket and the $9 each for beverages!


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