Summer Skies Satisfy

Blessed. Lucky. Fortunate. Call it what you will…we see some beautiful scenes here in North Central Indiana. Last night, the moon came up big and bright through some scattered clouds.

Then, this morning, the sun blasted its way through some similarly sieve-like clouds.

Full Moon Rising

Full Moon Rising

Morning Sky

7-27 Morning Sky

I hope you enjoy these views when they appear. If you miss one, I might have captured it.

Just ask.



Returning to racing action, following a wreck in turn 2 on the first lap.

Before the Blitz

It’s not football season yet… But the Kokomo area is about to see and hear more about the benefits of becoming a Rainmaker, and we’ll experience together the increases in the local economy and quality of life!

Erica Cunningham activity

Erica Cunningham leads the activity.

Big words, I know. But if you know any of the folks that have been attending the Power Circle training sessions Thursdays at 8 a.m. at Star Bank on Markland Avenue, you’ve probably already heard stories. For example, Erica Cunningham (pictured at the right) led the group last week in a great activity that helped us see how being focused and specific in asking for referrals makes a huge difference in the outcome. Most of the people in the room were able to get a connection for exactly the person or business they have been trying to meet!

As I was saying, you might have heard reports about how the stronger business relationships, accountability to higher goals & higher performance, and other elements of our activities have been helping local businesses (and businesspeople) to grow.

But the best part is…it’s been a lot of fun! Join us this Thursday at 8 a.m. Then, watch and listen for the promotional “blitz” of the August 19th launch of Rainmakers Kokomo After Hours.

Sunset Floral Gallery – May to July

I have said that I enjoy photographing the flowers in our yard in the soft light of dusk.
Here are a few more examples. Click on the images for a larger view.

Sunset Lily

I like the light quality right after the sun goes down. Very warm and soft. Enjoy!

Sunset Lily

Sunset Lily

Hey now, you’re an All Star! (minimal sports metaphors)

Time to get your game on! This Thursday, at Star Financial Bank, we continue teaching the Rainmakers methods of networking and business growth. Speaking this week are Erica Cunningham of Huston Technologies, Bryan Cranfill of The Entrepreneur’s Source, and Nikki Lewallen, Rainmakers VP of Membership Development (shown below).

Erica, Bryan, and Nikki

Erica Cunningham, Bryan Cranfill, and Nikki Lewallen

I was tempted to shower you with sports and baseball metaphors today. I decided to just let you know that an important benefit about joining us Thursday at 8 a.m. will be for you to see the team that supports every All Star. No matter how gifted or talented you are as an individual, your success can’t compare to the gains you’ll make when you have a dedicated team behind you. The Rainmakers power circle approach is growing businesses (and business-people) far beyond what they ever expected. So join us Thursday and connect with your team!

For more information, please contact one of these folks:
Nikki Lewallen, Rainmakers – (317) 902-1388
Sherry Rahl, Star Financial Bank – (765) 868-3834
Jerry “J.R.” Renkenberger, Marketing Mercenary – (765) 210-6893
Scott Pumphrey, Team MonaVie – (765) 437-1075

If you prefer sending e-mail, please contact me, and I’ll help you with that. See you Thursday! –JR

Adopt a Duck? Adopt a Flock!

A little bit 'o duck

Samaritan Caregivers of Howard County requested that I help put together a video that will be used to promote their annual fundraiser, the Duck Derby. I happily agreed – their mission is to offer care and assistance to people 50 years old and older in Howard County, free-of-charge to those who can’t afford it. Take a look, and participate!

Here’s the link to share with others:

This year’s Duck Derby will happen on Thursday, July 29 at Kokomo Beach from 5-9 p.m. Visit for more information, or to become a sponsor.