Before the Blitz

It’s not football season yet… But the Kokomo area is about to see and hear more about the benefits of becoming a Rainmaker, and we’ll experience together the increases in the local economy and quality of life!

Erica Cunningham activity

Erica Cunningham leads the activity.

Big words, I know. But if you know any of the folks that have been attending the Power Circle training sessions Thursdays at 8 a.m. at Star Bank on Markland Avenue, you’ve probably already heard stories. For example, Erica Cunningham (pictured at the right) led the group last week in a great activity that helped us see how being focused and specific in asking for referrals makes a huge difference in the outcome. Most of the people in the room were able to get a connection for exactly the person or business they have been trying to meet!

As I was saying, you might have heard reports about how the stronger business relationships, accountability to higher goals & higher performance, and other elements of our activities have been helping local businesses (and businesspeople) to grow.

But the best part is…it’s been a lot of fun! Join us this Thursday at 8 a.m. Then, watch and listen for the promotional “blitz” of the August 19th launch of Rainmakers Kokomo After Hours.


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