Added Value Monday

First, a quick reminder to attend Rainmakers Kokomo AM tomorrow morning at Half Moon Restaurant, 7:30 a.m., on Kokomo’s south side. Part of every Rainmakers event is the Rock Star award, where we (hopefully) surprise a fellow businessperson with a rock. Everybody signs it, and it’s meant to remind them that we recognize some exception quality in their professional or personal character or habits. This month’s Rock Star is…well, come and find out!

Jack Klemeyer

Jack Klemeyer

Slated to deliver the closing comments (our monthly business pep-talk) is my friend and coach, Jack Klemeyer. Jack sent me an e-mail this morning that led me to his Facebook page: That led me to the Jack and Neil Show, where Jack shoots the coaching and marketing breeze with Neil Richmund (

Two great links – that’s Added Value #1 for you!

For Added Value #2, here is a great thought to jump-start your week. It’s from Dave Van de Walle at

“While you’re waiting for the absolute right time to launch that business of yours, someone else is coming up with the exact same idea. Except they are implementing on it.”

That deserves the red-letter treatment, doesn’t it? Attack this week with urgency, my friends!  –JR


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