Every one-on-one’s a winner!

Get smarter.

Reach higher.

Care more.

Everyone wins!

You know I’m a huge advocate of business networking. I have been encouraged to seek self-improvement along the way, and have encouraged other as well. Reading (and listening to) more books, attending the occasional seminar or workshop, and utilizing a business coach is making me a more capable professional, and it enhances my personal well-being.

The one thing that carries the greatest benefits is the one-on-one, where I share an hour or so with another professional, learning as much as I can… …about their business, their background, their approach to the marketplace, and about them personally. That way, I can more effectively generate referrals and strategic partnerships for them. It won’t necessarily happen after the first try. You will want to renew this effort periodically (monthly, quarterly, whatever makes sense for the relationship to flourish).

I have been blessed to learn a lot from a number of professionals and friends, and am encouraging them to try new things and set aggressive goals. Can I help them live larger? We’ll see. The point is that I am committed to helping, because they are helping me, and they may not even know it. Often, the biggest influence they have on me happens through their example in person and in the marketplace. You can not imagine how grateful I am for that.

Do you have a story about a great networking relationship that you can share? Or, are you looking for that kind of situation? Tell me about it here, or more confidentially at my e-mail address (see the About J.R. page).  Thanks for reading. Be more. Serve more.


7 Responses

  1. It’s hard to pick out one specific because it wouldn’t be fair to all the wonderful networking relationships I’ve been blessed with. I’m extremely thankful. This post is a great reminder to count your many blessings which in this case are defined but are more than just business relationships.

    • I understand about not wanting to declare a favorite, Kyle. So, let me help: tell us about the most recent situation where a businessperson encouraged you to stretch your capabilities to a new level. Now, you don’t have to show any favoritism… just give us the news!

  2. Jerry I have been very blessed to have met over 2500 people while networking over the last 2+ years. Ive met Tony Scelzo, Lorraine Ball, Hazel Walker and yourself… Every single person along the way I have been able to help or they have helped me and sometimes its a two way street. I never keep track in a win loss column I just attempt to give to everyone as much as I can and I find along the way I get more than enough back. I am grateful to have so many who will say that they know me. To be known is as good if not better than knowing. I pray many blessings fall on you my friend!

    • You walk the talk, brother. Keep it up, and nothing can stand in your way. You’re about to graduate from “maven” to “force of nature.”

      Oh, crap. Now you’re gonna get a big head. But that’s OK…it’ll never be as big as your heart. Thanks again for your inspiration, and I pray the same for you!

  3. it is hard to pick just one… but here are a handful of relationships which started with coffee, that have transformed my business:
    Tony Scelzo, John Karamanski, Eric Schneller , Kyle Lacy, to name a few.. and they all began at a networking event.

    • I’ll never forget the day I met you, Lorraine! I told you I was looking to work for any company that would need video production help. And you said, “No! Not good enough.” And you proceeded to tell me how to refine what I was looking for, and be more specific. God bless you!

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