Rainmakers Biz2Biz Launch Report

Welcome Sign

Welcome Sign

Well before the start of the event, around 50 businesspeople from Kokomo and the Central Indiana region had gathered at Continental Ballroom. They met to support the Rainmakers Kokomo effort headed by Sherry Rahl of Star Financial Bank to create lasting improvement for the local economy.

This effort started with the formation of a Biz2Biz (Business to Business) Power Circle, which met for training at Star Financial Bank (Markland Avenue) every Thursday morning since last May.

Sherry can really party

Sherry can really party!

You can see my other blog posts detailing this effort by clicking the “Rainmakers” category. At the launch of the event, the Power Circle becomes the Action Board for the ongoing support of this event.

At a little after 6 p.m., on Thursday, August 19th, Sherry welcomed the now 61 members and guests that had now gathered. She thanked her board, and all those that had helped thus far. Sherry then touched on her desire for sustained economic improvement through networking with, and supporting, our fellow businesspeople. Next, she allowed me to begin the introductions of the Biz2Biz board. Each subsequent board member introduced the next, to demonstrate our knowledge of the needs and goals of our fellow members.

First Rockstar at Biz2Biz

First Rockstar at Biz2Biz

Action Board member Jennifer Rozzi (Rozzi’s Caterning/Continental Ballroom) presented the first Biz2Biz Rockstar Award (a rock signed by each attendee) to Juanita Thomas (Western/Southern Life) for her track record of make strategic connections for others.

Nikki inpires and instructs

Nikki inpires and instructs

Then, Nikki Lewallen (Rainmakers VP of Development) led our goal-setting activity with a call for thinking  and acting courageously in business and personal growth.

Jennifer writes her goal

Jennifer writes her goal

We broke into groups of 6-8, and wrote

outrageous business and individual goals on helium balloons. We gathered outside, found an accountability partner for working toward these goals, and released them into a clear, blue sky!

The event’s “official” conclusion followed at around 7 p.m., but almost all attendees stayed to network, enjoy Continental Ballroom’s great food, and make plans to meet in the coming days to explore strategic relationships. Several attendees joined as new Rainmakers, and by all measures, this launch was a success!

Balloons Away

Balloons Away!

My personal congratulations go to Sherry Rahl for her dedication to this effort, her “mediocrity is not an option” attitude, and her contributions toward the success of others. Thanks to Scott Pumphrey (Team MonaVie), Nikki Lewallen, and Jack Klemeyer (GYB Coaching) for their many, many hours of help and guidance. And, of course, to the new Action Board for Rainmakers Kokomo Biz2Biz: Rock On!

This event will meet each 3rd Thursday at Continental Ballroom, 920 Millbrook Lane, at 5:30 p.m.


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