Are You Getting Ready?

These bees are in preparation. As much as we would hate to admit it, they are preparing for the colder months that lie ahead. They swarmed around this hummingbird feeder, as if the cooler nights recently have signaled that winter might be just a few days away.

Bees Preparing For Winter

Bees Preparing For Winter

The metaphor is obvious, and I can’t miss this opportunity to issue a gut-check for your business for the coming months: Is your business ready for all the excitement and stress of the 4th Quarter of 2010? Are you prepared for the planning and strategy development to move smoothly into the 1st Quarter of 2011? (Yikes, it’s just around the corner!) Are you getting the referrals you need for your business to grow?

If you answered “No,” the help you may need can be found at the next Rainmakers Kokomo A.M. event. If you answered “Yes,” come and share your wisdom and strategies. Either way, the overall goal is the same: we all want our local economy to expand and grow via the success of small and large businesses!

On Tuesday, Sept. 7, at 7:30 a.m., the place to “bee” is the Half Moon Restaurant & Brewery in Kokomo. Get out your calendar or device right now and mark it in. Don’t “bee” late! (You didn’t expect me to miss an opportunity like that, did you?)

I really tried to resist saying this, but I just can’t.  The Rainmakers Motto, special blog post edition – Bee More. Serve More.

And stop calling me, “honey.”


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