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Mystery Guest

Missing The Action

Under the “People You May Know” tab on, I saw something very interesting this morning. A professional photographer is listed there with no profile photo! If I really did know this person, I would probably e-mail them and pester them about this omission. Since I don’t know them, and I’m unimpressed by their lack of confidence, I will not click on their name. Opportunity for them…lost.

Is the lack of a profile photo costing you valuable connections that may never happen?

Call a photographer today if you’re MTA. If you don’t know a photographer, call me.


Blanket of Light

The pre-dawn sky in Central Indiana was a beautiful sight this morning. Scenes like this seem to be more common in the winter months. Or, it’s possible that I’m just more regularly awake to see them!

Just Before Dawn 2010-11-29

Just Before Dawn 2010-11-29



Small Business Spotlight – Comics Cubed OPEN HOUSE

I remember how much fun I had as a kid, growing up in rural Indiana, as I read Fantastic Four, Batman, Green Lantern and Green Arrow comics, to name a few. Local business owner Shawn Hilton is helping us stay in touch with the kid in all of us – he’s opened Comics Cubed in downtown Kokomo a few weeks back, and today is their “Pre-Black Friday Open House!”

If you love comics, check it out. If someone you love loves comics, don’t miss this! The Facebook page will show specials throughout the day (click here):

But it’s not just for the “graphic novel” fan. According to the “Comics Cubed in Kokomo” Facebook page, there’s more:

Always interested in selling, buying, trading all things comics, toys, games, and pop culture related.

Owner Shawn Hilton formerly managed Kokomo Comics on 17th Street, and is excited for the chance to grab his share of the American Dream in private business ownership. Hilton has  extensive resources for finding and obtaining the popular or obscure.  This holiday season – TODAY – visit Comics Cubed to find the comics/toys/pop culture items for which you’ve been wishing! 121 East Sycamore in Kokomo is the address.

Note to Parents: I was concerned about the content of some of the comics, with racy images on the covers. The Comics Cubed website contains convenient links to  previews and synopses of many of the comics offered. If you’re unsure, take a look at, and click on the cover of interest.

Widescreen Wallpaper: USS Alabama

I’ve been enjoying using this photo I took of the USS Alabama as a background for my widescreen PC monitor. And so, I give it to you, to use as your background, or to share with others, but not to claim as your own work. Click on the image below, then right-click, and choose “Set as desktop background.”

Please enjoy using it!


USS Alabama with room around the edges

USS Alabama in Mobile Bay


Buzzworthy – Sunrise Steakhouse Update

It’s the kind of thing that really gets people talking.

Sunrise Family Steakhouse is now open, as of 12/3/2010! Hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week!

You may have seen this billboard above the new Sunrise Family Steakhouse, in the former Damon’s restaurant building just south of Lincoln Road on US31 in Kokomo. In case you haven’t, here’s what’s new…


Sunrise Family Steakhouse billboard

Sunrise Family Steakhouse billboard

Sorry for the grainy phone cam photo. The noteworthy points are these:

  • Greek, Italian, American, and Tex-Mex cuisine
  • Open Daily at 6 a.m.
  • Breakfast served all day (as noted in the original Spotlight)
  • Free WiFi

Please come back next week for more on this new dining option for Kokomo. See the original Spotlight article for a little more background info. Thanks to Melanie for alerting me to this development.

InsideOut That Night

InsideOut at Mulligans

It had been a couple of months since I had the pleasure to experience InsideOut. The evening they played to a packed house at Mulligans in Kokomo on 11-06-2010 was a pleasant surprise. They’ve got a little tighter, and, at the same time, more relaxed with their time together. In case you’ve not yet seen InsideOut live, they play a number of great rock classics that few cover bands play, with a few “bar band” standards, and a dose of new hits. And they play it all with a commitment to entertain.

We’re right “in between” that show and their next local gig, which will be December 4, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Tom Thumb. You can see their schedule for the next several weeks on their Facebook page. I’ve brought out a few of the photos I shot on what will be remembered as “that night at Mulligans.” Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome InsideOut! (Click “Read More”  to see the gallery.) Continue reading

Small Business Spotlight (PREVIEW): Sunrise Steakhouse in Kokomo

UPDATE: Sunrise Family Steakhouse is now open, as of 12/3/2010! Hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week! Serving breakfast all day.

UPDATE 2 p.m., 12-9-2010: Sunrise Family Steakhouse was closed Wednesday, 12-8-2101. According to local media, the employees reported that Board of Health violations, as well as lack of payment to employees and contractors were the reasons for closing. At this point, in local media, only the employees have provided statements, not the Board of Health, contractors, or the owner. I heard the same statements from the employees and two contractors yesterday before they decided to close, but since I did not speak to the Board of Health or the owner, I did not report the reasons. An eye-witness reported to me at 12:15 p.m. today that the police were questioning the owner at the restaurant location. As further details are available from reliable sources such as authorized spokespersons, I will pass that information on to you.

After being vacant for 3-1/2 years, the former DAMON’S location on US31 in Kokomo will be housing a new restaurant soon, with something for everyone: Sunrise Family Steakhouse.


Sunrise Steakhouse Opening Soon

Sunrise Family Steakhouse Opening Soon in Former Damon's Location

Owner Salvador Lopez successfully operates the Sunrise Family Restaurant in North Vernon, Indiana. He’ll be bringing a similarly wide menu (click this link) to Kokomo, and his target for opening is just after Thanksgiving 2010. To complement the amazing variety of dishes for lunch and dinner, they will also serve breakfast any time.

Watch later this month for a more detailed report on the style, special features, and hours, for your dining pleasure at the soon-to-be-opening Sunrise Family Steakhouse!

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