Sun Pillar on Christmas Eve Morning


Christmas Eve Dawn Pillar

Beautiful morning sky on Christmas Eve 2010


This beautiful sky with solar pillar appeared just before sunrise in North Central Indiana on Christmas Eve 2010. Have a wonderful Christmas!


Loveless Root at The Social

A little rock, a little blues, a little rootsy, a lot of fun. Loveless Root continues to refine their sound. They opened for Midwest Hype and Twin Cats Friday night at The Social in Kokomo.

Loveless Root


Josh Mast, has been with the group full-time for a while now, according to bassist Jesse Bieber. His contributions, both on vocals and guitar, are complementary to Roderick Allen Minch’s more laid-back style.

Bieber also gave props to Eddie Roodvoets, listed on the Loveless Root Facebook page as the guy playing “Alternative Percussion.” If you don’t know how much a percussionist can add to the overall sound of a group, please check out Loveless Root. You can also see Brian Pavey in InsideOut, a local cover band that have previously written about.

Chris Kremer’s sax also helps to gives Loveless Root a full, rich sound not found in most bands you hear in a bar. All three bands at The Social that night have a sax player in the line-up, so the audience got an uncommon treat in my experience.

I have to mention drummer Joey Ray Wills as well. And not because I talked about everyone else. Because he’s the kind of purposeful drummer that puts a solid foundation under the whole performance, even with a couple of tricky timing changes. Thanks for sweating so we could all have a fun evening! Continue reading

Great chance to hear original, live music

My friend, Jesse Bieber, has a burning passion for original music. He loves to listen, he loves to perform, he loves to connect with other bands, and even help them find gigs together or alone. In other words, he lives music. I’ve written about hearing his band once before…

Loveless Root at the Mouse Trap

Loveless Root at the Mousetrap

But this article isn’t about Jesse. It’s about the fact that you can hear his band, Loveless Root, tonight at The Social in Kokomo, at 10 p.m.  AND, you will hear two more regional band that Jesse won’t stop raving about: Midwest Hype and Twin Cats.

I have not had the privilege of seeing Twin Cats or Midwest Hype live, yet, so I want you to realize that this is at your own risk. You can get a taste of some of their original tunes from these and other videos on YouTube and the Mousetrap website.

Loveless Root – (Some great drumming in this clip!) (UPDATE: This link actually works now.)

Midwest Hype – Something Beautiful –

Twin Cats – King Cobra –

The show will go on until 3 a.m., and it promises variety and creativity that will chase away any Winter “blues!”

The event invitation page on Facebook has all the details (via The Social). Click “I’m attending,” and have a blast tonight! The cover is only $5.!/event.php?eid=143850198996676

(Credit for the photo above goes to

Photos: Crash at US31 and 236th Street

I was meeting with a business associate at Burger King near this intersection, when someone opened the door and shouted, “Call 911!”

These images are presented only to give you an idea of the severity of the accident (note the two helicopters parked ON Highway US31), as well as it’s geographic location.

The accident happened at approx. 11:40 today. The first rescue unit arrived almost immediately. Sheriff’s department personnel told me that the driver of the minivan was killed. There were three other passengers in the mini-van, but their status was unknown at that time. The driver of the tractor-trailer rig was not killed. I did not bother the official for any additional details. More can be found on the Indianapolis TV station websites or broadcast outlets.

Sunrise Steakhouse in Kokomo CLOSED for now.


Sunrise Family Steakhouse Closed Today

This afternoon, I spoke with managers at Sunrise Family Steakhouse in Kokomo. They site a number of issues that have contributed to the closing of the newly opened restaurant today. I was asked not to publicize those reasons at this time, since there was still hope of getting them resolved. Please come back to “Exactly, J.R.” at a later time for more information as it becomes reliably available.

UPDATE 2 p.m., 12-9-2010: According to local media, the employees reported that Board of Health violations, as well as lack of payment to employees and contractors were the reasons for closing. At this point, in local media, only the employees have provided statements, not the Board of Health, contractors, or the owner. I heard the same statements from the employees and two contractors yesterday before they decided to close, but since I did not speak to the Board of Health or the owner, I did not report the reasons. An eye-witness reported to me at 12:15 p.m. today that the police were questioning the owner at the restaurant location. As further details are available from reliable sources such as authorized spokespersons, I will pass that information on to you.