Sunrise Steakhouse in Kokomo CLOSED for now.


Sunrise Family Steakhouse Closed Today

This afternoon, I spoke with managers at Sunrise Family Steakhouse in Kokomo. They site a number of issues that have contributed to the closing of the newly opened restaurant today. I was asked not to publicize those reasons at this time, since there was still hope of getting them resolved. Please come back to “Exactly, J.R.” at a later time for more information as it becomes reliably available.

UPDATE 2 p.m., 12-9-2010: According to local media, the employees reported that Board of Health violations, as well as lack of payment to employees and contractors were the reasons for closing. At this point, in local media, only the employees have provided statements, not the Board of Health, contractors, or the owner. I heard the same statements from the employees and two contractors yesterday before they decided to close, but since I did not speak to the Board of Health or the owner, I did not report the reasons. An eye-witness reported to me at 12:15 p.m. today that the police were questioning the owner at the restaurant location. As further details are available from reliable sources such as authorized spokespersons, I will pass that information on to you.


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