MMMM – Food For Thought: Motivation

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and this is what I’m chewing on.

Motivation is not the same as enthusiasm

Food For Thought

“Motivation is not the same thing as enthusiasm. When you have no enthusiasm, when you are discouraged, when things look bleakest, and you STILL take action towards your goal–that is motivation.” –Dr. Sander Marcus

When I saw that quote this weekend, it really got me thinking.

Enthusiasm is an attractive quality. However, I don’t always have it in abundance. But I still need to move forward in my business, my health, and my spiritual life,  just to name a few areas.

So, my challenge to myself and to you today:  Stay motivated! No matter what your level of enthusiasm, take the action(s) you need to take to move ahead. I think we’ll each notice that progress can bring new enthusiasm.


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