MMMM Food for Thought – Effective Networking

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and this is what I’m chewing on.

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Food For Thought

At a Rainmakers leadership event, I was privileged to hear Travis Sims. Travis is managing director of Business Network International (BNI) for the state of Indiana.

Travis put his recommendations for effective networking under five simple rules. Can powerful business networking be that easy? Perhaps. These networking topics represent Travis’ own strategy for any event:

  • Arrive early & stay late.
  • Meet a lot of people.
  • Don’t pass your business card unless asked.
  • Seek out the BEST 3 to 5 best referral partners.
  • FOLLOW UP – build relationships with those 3 to 5 people

That’s it! Of course, we could talk a lot more about some of these items, but I appreciated the simple, straight-forward framework. Tell me what you think in the comments. And have a great week!


5 Responses

  1. […] hearing Travis Sims speak recently, and quoting his simple terms for networking success, I invited him to write a more thorough explanation of his “spin” on using business […]

  2. In many cultures the business card is considered almost a sacred item. It is a huge compliment when someone gives you a business card. In Japan they will present you the card with both hands while bowing. It would be an insult to immediately stuff it in your pocket. You should examin the card front and back and make a compliment about the card. We can learn many things by studying other cultures. The message here is don’t be the person pushing cards off on everyone you meet and only ask for cards from people you have a interest in learning more about them, referring them, or doing business with them.

  3. Excellent points! The one I especially identify with is:
    •Don’t pass your business card unless asked.

    How often have you been to an event where people have passed out business cards like they are info flyers? I’ve had people hand me their business card before introducing themselves.

    Then of course there is the other extreme… Those who don’t want to give-up a business card because they are “so expensive”! Guys and gals, business cards are the cheapest form of advertising we have (except of course word of mouth)!

    Just my couple of cents worth!

    Keep up the good work, JR

    • Thanks for your comments, Betty! I agree that “Don’t pass your business card unless asked” would be a big change for many people!

      Thanks for your kind words, too! Take care. –JR

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