MMMM Food for Thought – Systems

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and this is what I’m chewing on.

MMMM Food for Thought: Systems

Food for Thought

First thing this Monday morning, I scratched my head, figuratively. I know a couple of things that I have to accomplish today, but I don’t have a clear picture of the things that are required to hit the ground running.

The sad thing is that, last Friday, I neglected the habits and systems that I have in place. Today, I need to backtrack, review notes, and plan . Then, I’ll have the picture I need to get rolling today, and through the week.

Whenever humanly possible, don’t neglect your business and personal systems. They are there so that your progress is smooth and continuous.

What often trips you up, and keeps you from making smooth progress toward your goals?


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