Watching Weather Through Your PC

For many years, I spent most of my day inside a windowless video studio. Even our office areas had very few windows. To see what was happening with the weather, I would have to walk down a long hallway and out to the parking lot.

Now, I work a majority of the time at my home office. My desk faces a large window. I can get outside in about 6 seconds.

Does your office have a window? How many times per day do you check on-line weather radar or forecasts? Have you ever considered setting up a video camera outdoors, and routing it to a monitor in your office?

I guess the question behind the question is this: How much do changes in the weather affect your daily schedule during your work day? Consider your family’s activities as well.

And, would that change if you could see outside?


2 Responses

  1. Welcome back to Exactly, J.R.! And thanks for your comment. It may also be “Hoosier” thing, since the weather changes so frequently here. Have you ever worked in an area with no windows? If so, how did that affect your day?

  2. Nice job on the blog!! I watch the weather too, being raised by farmers has a lot to do with that. When your life and your livelihood is so tied to the changes in the weather, you become tied to it. Even after the family no longer farmed, I have it imbedded in my soul to watch the weather.

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