Watching Weather Through Your PC

For many years, I spent most of my day inside a windowless video studio. Even our office areas had very few windows. To see what was happening with the weather, I would have to walk down a long hallway and out to the parking lot.

Now, I work a majority of the time at my home office. My desk faces a large window. I can get outside in about 6 seconds.

Does your office have a window? How many times per day do you check on-line weather radar or forecasts? Have you ever considered setting up a video camera outdoors, and routing it to a monitor in your office?

I guess the question behind the question is this: How much do changes in the weather affect your daily schedule during your work day? Consider your family’s activities as well.

And, would that change if you could see outside?


Trying out Hootsuite per Kyle Lacy

Trying out Hootsuite per Kyle Lacy’s recommendation at Twitter for Dummies seminar. Looks powerful and convenient!

Time to start playing games?

I haven’t played computer games since…a brief stint with Myst. But there are some deals here that have me thinking about starting again.

The Cheapskate’s blog on CNET always has great deals. Check him out. And have a very Merry Christmas!!