Silent Skies

Silent Sky

I remember the silent skies.

All air travel had been grounded in the days following September 11, 2001.

The sky silently echoed the world’s hush as we held our collective breath in the days following September 11, 2001. Together, we wept for those lost, and prayed for an answer to our collective question – why?

Many voiced reasons why a Middle Eastern terrorist group would attack America. But why in such a heinous fashion, seemingly “out of the blue”? I don’t have the answer to that question. I have a different answer.

Pray for peace. Why can’t we petition God for a season of peace throughout the world?

Continue to pray for those that lost a loved one because of the September 11 tragedy. Pray continually for our soldiers that still fight to push back tyranny, and stand at the ready, around the globe. Pray for your family, for your community, and for your church to all be beacons of hope. And, if you hear God whisper that you should get more involved, do it. Be His hands and feet in this hurting, splintered world.

God Bless America. God bless you, reader.


May Your Path Be Clearly Marked

sunrise over foggy country road

May your path in life be easy to follow. That’s my hope for you today. Pray, read the Word, spend time with His people, and trust God to show you where you should walk.

Photo dedicated to S.G.

(Please click the photo for a larger view. J.R.)

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MMMM Food for Thought – Blessed


Food For Thought

It’s (a little later than) Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and this is what I’m chewing on.

This afternoon, I was working in my home office. Looking past the top of my laptop, I can see out the window next to my desk. The view reaches across the short distance from the back yard to the farm field behind the house, then all the way to the back of the field, to the woods, over 1/4 of a mile away. Throughout most of the day, it’s been cloudy and drizzling rain. I was wishing for some sun!

Then, I remembered how I sat in a windowless video studio or basement office for the entire 17 years that I worked at a large local company. And, even though that job was more lucrative in many ways than being an independent marketing specialist…

I am blessed. I have the freedom that comes with being my own boss. The stress level is minimal in comparison. I am able to spend more time with my family. And I can look out the window, or go outdoors, any time I want.

Thank you, Dear Lord. Bring the sun in Your good time.

MMMM – Food for Thought: One Goal

It’s Marketing Mercenary’s Monday Morning, and this is what I’m chewing on.

Marketing Mercenary Monday Morning - "1"

Set 1 Goal Right Now

In the next 10 minutes, set one measurable goal, with a timeframe, that will move you forward. Put down the benefit to you for completing it. Business, personal, spiritual – it doesn’t matter. 1 goal, with the reason behind it.

Why? Look, today is the last day of February 2011. I’m calling it the first day of March. We’re starting the last month of the first quarter. New Year’s resolutions might be forgotten or badly neglected by now. Winter is dragging on, and some of us need some strength to get moving on a thing that really matters…beyond that second cup of coffee this morning.

And this is it! Do it now.

For me, it’s catching up on entering my business leads an on-line CRM. I’m going to have that done by 5 p.m. tomorrow. Completing that activity will allow me to start a schedule of regular “touches” with my sales leads. THAT will lead to sales.

What is it for you?

Maybe it’s tackling that one nagging business problem (like mine). It could be that the only benefit is finally completing it. If that’s the case, maybe you need to choose a better goal, and forget about the one that you’re doing “just for the sake of checking it off the list.” I give you permission.

I could Google some statistics for why this works. The fact is, you know this will be helpful for you. So, right now, turn off your monitor, or at least minimize your browser, pull out your notepad, and write it down. Go.

Good job! Consider yourself “high-fived.”


Keep it simple.

That’s it.


My blog reached 1,111 total views today. THANKS! I am striving to continually improve the value of the information to you, my loyal reader. I really appreciate your helping me get this thing rolling!

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Sincerely, thanks for reading, and spreading the word! –J.R.