“Name the Lizard” winner: “Inigo Montoya”

First of all, thanks to everyone for participating!

Steven (at http://www.gameplanbm.com/) suggested the name “Inigo Montoya,” quite confidently. “Inigo Montoya” has been voted the winner with 67% of the total vote.

Steven has won a screaming monkey keychain from Woot.com. Way to go, Steven!

Second place (sorry, no prize) goes to jermtech for “Fluffy” with 33%. “Lady (a.k.a. the Bearded Lady) , while picked as an early contender, received no votes at all. None.

(By the way, this monkey keychain can fly, and screams like a real monkey. Woot!)

Screaming Monkey Keychain


Name the Lizard – vote for your favorite!

In our Name the Lizard contest (see lizard at top of screen), we have selected the Top 3 finalists. Please vote for your favorite! The winner will be announced on Monday, December 7. (VOTING IS NOW CLOSED)

“Name the Lizard” Contest

See the lizard in the banner up there? Suggest a name for him. The top 3 name suggestions will go into a poll for a vote on December 1, 2009. Winner will get a valuable (not really) item purchased from Woot.com!

*Exactly, JR staff reserves the right to amend these rules and prizes without notice at any time. And to make fun of anybody that complains. Don’t like it? Don’t suggest a name.