Don’t Get Dis-Carded

After hearing Travis Sims speak recently, and quoting his simple terms for networking success, I invited him to write a more thorough explanation of his “spin” on using business cards. He generously supplied the following words for your consideration. Thank you, Travis! Read on…(MM)

Business Card Discarded


First of all, the business card is the single most powerful business tool in the world – one that you can have custom made to fit your needs. It is a tool that everyone has and you wouldn’t be caught dead without.  It is also the cheapest form of advertising you can do; so why do most of us misuse it? Continue reading


Sometimes, It’s Necessary

I don’t lie. But there’s nothing wrong with a little judicious exaggeration.
(From “Inherently Obvious,” a non-existent non-fiction book by Jerry “J.R.” Renkenberger.)


Keep it simple.

That’s it.

Quote of the Year, on Productivity and Progress

Lisa Stoner Profile Pic

Lisa Stoner

My friend Lisa Stoner posted this as her Facebook update yesterday. I think it’s awesome:

making sense needs to get past my stubborn

Lisa is an artist and graphic designer. Here’s here website: I hope you don’t  mind the shameless plug, but she’s been a big help to me in many ways, including today’s quote, and I appreciate her.

Time management??

Peter Drucker said, “Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.”

Time cannot be managed. It advances relentlessly for everyone. Our goals, our strategies, focus and discipline must be developed and maintained.

First Quote

“Sad is the day for any man when he becomes absolutely satisfied with the life he is living, the thoughts he is thinking, and the things he is doing; when there ceases to be forever beating at the doors of his soul a desire to do something larger which he seeks and knows he was meant and intended to do.” –Phillips Brooks.