One Graceful Stroke

Part of this cloud formation appears to arch across the sky as if created with one graceful stroke of The Almighty’s brush. I also ran across some grasses that are bent in the wind, and I decided to include yesterday’s simple but dramatic sunrise. Feel free to comment, and thanks for stopping by. Click each image for a larger view.

one graceful brushstroke

One Graceful Brushstroke

ready for the reaper

Ready for the Reaper

big sky sunrise

Big Sky Sunrise


InsideOut That Night

InsideOut at Mulligans

It had been a couple of months since I had the pleasure to experience InsideOut. The evening they played to a packed house at Mulligans in Kokomo on 11-06-2010 was a pleasant surprise. They’ve got a little tighter, and, at the same time, more relaxed with their time together. In case you’ve not yet seen InsideOut live, they play a number of great rock classics that few cover bands play, with a few “bar band” standards, and a dose of new hits. And they play it all with a commitment to entertain.

We’re right “in between” that show and their next local gig, which will be December 4, 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Tom Thumb. You can see their schedule for the next several weeks on their Facebook page. I’ve brought out a few of the photos I shot on what will be remembered as “that night at Mulligans.” Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome InsideOut! (Click “Read More”  to see the gallery.) Continue reading

Ribbon Cutting at Sweet Poppins

Congratulations to Tashia Johnson-St. Clair and her staff at Sweet Poppins! Friday afternoon (3-19-10), the Kokomo Chamber of Commerce ambassadors, Kokomo Business Networks members, and a number of customers helped Tashia celebrate the opening of their new retail location.

Sweet Poppins Ribbon Cutting

Ribbon cutting at Sweet Poppins

Sweet Poppins’ specialty is gourmet flavored popcorn, and flavors include blueberry cheesecake, lemon poundcake, S’mores, AMAZING traditional caramel corn, and many others. The brick and mortar store is located on US31, about 4.5 miles north of Kokomo. The on-line store can be found at

Tashia is a member of Kokomo Business Networks (KBN) and the Chamber. She gives credit to God for the secret methods she uses to prepare her tasty snacks. Sweet Poppins also provides generous and extremely convenient fund-raising opportunities.

I am proud to endorse Sweet Poppins and Tashia! Their treats are delicious, and she’s an inspiring networking partner and Kokomo businessperson, committed to success.

(Photo credits: Marketing Mercenary)

A Tiny World

My wife and I attended a St. Patrick’s Day party in Noblesville last night. About 800 people were rockin’ to The Flying Toasters at Mo’s Irish Pub. We met a very friendly stranger with a goofy hat on. I took his picture, and he told me to post it on Facebook. I found him on Facebook today…

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Sunshine Substitute

Substitute Sunshine

I hope this brightens your day! --JR

After several foggy and overcast days in Central Indiana, we could use a break. Please enjoy some “sunshine substitute” courtesy of Orange Beach, Alabama.

“Name the Lizard” winner: “Inigo Montoya”

First of all, thanks to everyone for participating!

Steven (at suggested the name “Inigo Montoya,” quite confidently. “Inigo Montoya” has been voted the winner with 67% of the total vote.

Steven has won a screaming monkey keychain from Way to go, Steven!

Second place (sorry, no prize) goes to jermtech for “Fluffy” with 33%. “Lady (a.k.a. the Bearded Lady) , while picked as an early contender, received no votes at all. None.

(By the way, this monkey keychain can fly, and screams like a real monkey. Woot!)

Screaming Monkey Keychain

Perspective and the Holidays

When we attended my grandfather’s 80th birthday party, I was in my early 30s. I had been feelings stressed out and overwhelmed with job, kids, life. When we gathered for a 4-generation photo, he commented to me, “I’ll bet it seems like a day goes on forever for you, doesn’t it?” Feeling the opposite, but knowing it was different for him in that moment, I smiled and said, “Yes, Grandpa, it sure does!”

It gave me a deep sense of how our perspective changes throughout our lives. At the same time, it made me glad I was there to help Grandpa celebrate the event. I cherish the memory of that conversation. Even more, I cherish the moment that he, my father, myself, and my son posed for that photo in the warm summer day at my parents’ home – the place where I grew up.

This holiday season, I encourage you to spend a lot more time with your older relatives than you have in past years. They have the gift of wise perspective, and they can share it with you, without realizing they have.

Mom and Dad are in their 70s, and we spend more time together than in years past, regardless of the 2-hour drive. It’s tough to fit in a visit sometimes, even though a day seems to go on forever.