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The choice is being made.

(First, you may want to see my Sept. 30 post)

“But wait,” you may say. “Marketing Mercenary’s specialty is developing marketing tools for For Sale By Owners. I’m not in a competition, but I do want to sell my house.”The choice being made.

News flash: Every home on the market right now is your competition. Continuously, more homes are being placed on the market, and more are being sold.  Every day, someone makes the choice to buy your home OR NOT. If you’re not using the most effective, big-bang-for-the-buck marketing weapons to promote your home, you’re LOSING.

Invite Marketing Mercenary to put the tools in your hands that you need to achieve your goals for selling your home: 360-degree panoramic virtual tour, home staging, social media, print advertising, video, your-very-own-gosh-darn-website, and more. Take a look at, and call this number:


Let’s get started.

Your Competitors and Me

Shameless plug in 5…4…3…2…

Marketing Mercenary Self-ShotWhy are you waiting? Businesses and organizations are using Marketing Mercenary’s help to amplify their marketing messages and hone their brands. Together we’re improving their tactics and strategies. Sooner or later, one of those groups will be your competitor. Get there first, and strongest.

Upcoming projects:

  • TV commercial for local business, to air on “We Care” broadcast.
  • Website for local business with critical service for commercial and residential customers.
  • Internet video for a local business, reviewing the unique advantages of their featured product.
  • Marketing strategy and sales assistance for local community event.
  • 360-degree panoramic Virtual Tour to market a commercial leasing opportunity.


Call today. The balance of power could shift in your favor right away!

Sell Your Home Today – link

4 Fundamentals of Selling Your Home Today, from REALTOR® Magazine Online.

Very brief, helpful tips. (I really like #2.)

Contact me if you need help! I have a TON of marketing tools at my fingertips that will help you sell your home as fast as possible, including professional staging!

Include holiday decorations in your Virtual Tour?

Let’s say you’re a realtor or FSBO, and you’re preparing to have 360° scenes, traditional photography, and flyers produced  for your  property. You can certainly schedule your marketing media production during the winter holidays, and include the homeowner’s decorations. However, the media will need to be updated immediately at the first of the year, so that the visitors to your listing don’t see outdated images. (“Look – it’s February, and they’re still showing their Christmas decorations…I wonder if these are from Christmas 2009, or if this home has been on the market since 2008??”)

You might prefer to have your 360° scenes, traditional photography and flyers produced before the home is decorated. That way, the attractive scenes that are meant to help sell the home are not outdated at the first of 2010!

To schedule your shoot right away,  call me at (765) 210-6893. For more information about my Virtual Tours and marketing media production, feel free to call. Or, you can click the “Affordable Virtual Tours” link (for realtors), or the “Your Tour Now” link (includes web page design for FSBOs) in the “Blogroll” column on the right. And enjoy your holidays!

A fantastic home via virtual tour

This is via my Affordable Virtual Tours service. I was very happy with how the virtual tour turned out. You can see inside and out if you follow the link for Part 2 at the bottom of the Part 1 screen.

2300 East Harrison, Kokomo – SOLD

Let me know what you think in the comments.