Orange Beach 2012 – Gallery 1

Here’s a gallery of recent photos from an Orange Beach/Gulf Shores AL trip. This gallery includes higher-quality pics than the previous post.

Along with shots from the beach and from our condo, we also took a short hike on a paved trail in Gulf State Park.

There will be more photos coming soon. I hope you enjoy these. I especially like the last photo of the night fishermen.


Orange Beach Pics October 2012 (Preview)

Forgive the quick  post – wanted to show a couple of nice sunset shots from my phone. I’ll post some shots from my camera soon. Enjoy!

Work as a Photographer Can Be Rough #sarcasm

Black Swallowtail on Flower

Click the photo for a larger view.

Now and then, while shooting Real Estate photography in Indiana, I get to capture a simple, beautiful scene like this one. It’s my version of stopping to smell the roses.

Silent Skies

Silent Sky

I remember the silent skies.

All air travel had been grounded in the days following September 11, 2001.

The sky silently echoed the world’s hush as we held our collective breath in the days following September 11, 2001. Together, we wept for those lost, and prayed for an answer to our collective question – why?

Many voiced reasons why a Middle Eastern terrorist group would attack America. But why in such a heinous fashion, seemingly “out of the blue”? I don’t have the answer to that question. I have a different answer.

Pray for peace. Why can’t we petition God for a season of peace throughout the world?

Continue to pray for those that lost a loved one because of the September 11 tragedy. Pray continually for our soldiers that still fight to push back tyranny, and stand at the ready, around the globe. Pray for your family, for your community, and for your church to all be beacons of hope. And, if you hear God whisper that you should get more involved, do it. Be His hands and feet in this hurting, splintered world.

God Bless America. God bless you, reader.

Wet Webs Gallery

On Sept. 4,2012, the area was enveloped in thick fog throughout the morning hours. The dense humidity clung to every spider’s web on our property, turning it into a Halloween-esque fantasy world for my camera. Some of the webs withstood the weight of the water, and others did not, as you will see.

(Note: The first image, #0727, shows a single strand of web that stretched between two trees that stand about 60 feet apart.)

May Your Path Be Clearly Marked

sunrise over foggy country road

May your path in life be easy to follow. That’s my hope for you today. Pray, read the Word, spend time with His people, and trust God to show you where you should walk.

Photo dedicated to S.G.

(Please click the photo for a larger view. J.R.)

Watching Weather Through Your PC

For many years, I spent most of my day inside a windowless video studio. Even our office areas had very few windows. To see what was happening with the weather, I would have to walk down a long hallway and out to the parking lot.

Now, I work a majority of the time at my home office. My desk faces a large window. I can get outside in about 6 seconds.

Does your office have a window? How many times per day do you check on-line weather radar or forecasts? Have you ever considered setting up a video camera outdoors, and routing it to a monitor in your office?

I guess the question behind the question is this: How much do changes in the weather affect your daily schedule during your work day? Consider your family’s activities as well.

And, would that change if you could see outside?