One Graceful Stroke

Part of this cloud formation appears to arch across the sky as if created with one graceful stroke of The Almighty’s brush. I also ran across some grasses that are bent in the wind, and I decided to include yesterday’s simple but dramatic sunrise. Feel free to comment, and thanks for stopping by. Click each image for a larger view.

one graceful brushstroke

One Graceful Brushstroke

ready for the reaper

Ready for the Reaper

big sky sunrise

Big Sky Sunrise


Orange Beach 2012 – Gallery 1

Here’s a gallery of recent photos from an Orange Beach/Gulf Shores AL trip. This gallery includes higher-quality pics than the previous post.

Along with shots from the beach and from our condo, we also took a short hike on a paved trail in Gulf State Park.

There will be more photos coming soon. I hope you enjoy these. I especially like the last photo of the night fishermen.

May Your Path Be Clearly Marked

sunrise over foggy country road

May your path in life be easy to follow. That’s my hope for you today. Pray, read the Word, spend time with His people, and trust God to show you where you should walk.

Photo dedicated to S.G.

(Please click the photo for a larger view. J.R.)

Other Beauties In The World


Wishing Well On A Foggy Winter Morning

Wishing Well On A Foggy Winter Morning

I found an old fortune cookie message in the bottom of a drawer. It said, “You make people realize that there exist other beauties in the world.” I’m not sure what that means, but I like how it sounds.  If I can just help people enjoy and appreciate the “regular” beauties that fill our world, I’ll be happy and blessed.

Sun Pillar on Christmas Eve Morning


Christmas Eve Dawn Pillar

Beautiful morning sky on Christmas Eve 2010


This beautiful sky with solar pillar appeared just before sunrise in North Central Indiana on Christmas Eve 2010. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Blanket of Light

The pre-dawn sky in Central Indiana was a beautiful sight this morning. Scenes like this seem to be more common in the winter months. Or, it’s possible that I’m just more regularly awake to see them!

Just Before Dawn 2010-11-29

Just Before Dawn 2010-11-29



Today’s Dawn Sky – Free Wallpaper

In case you missed it, or just didn’t have the time to soak it in, here is this morning’s beautiful sky, before the sun came up. Click it and you can see it full size, set up to fit a widescreen monitor. Allan James (z92five) mentioned on the air that it looked “like a volcano.” I grabbed my camera. Enjoy.

Dawn 2010-09-14

Dawn September 14, 2010