June 17 Sunset Shadows – Panoramic

June 17 Sunset Shadows - Panoramic

Sunset with Shadows Streaking Through- Panoramic



Sunset Collected

Hello again! I saw a beautiful sunset shaping up, so to speak, and hurried home to get my DSLR and attach the 250mm zoom lens. I wanted to be ready for a closer shot than my iPhone would provide. In my rush, I opted not to spend the extra few minutes to drive down the road and get the power lines out of the shot, so I apologize for that.  I hope you enjoy these. I sure enjoyed watching this sunset evolve through its variations.

sunset progression 1

sunset progression 1

sunset progression 2

sunset progression 2

sunset progression 3

sunset progression 3

One Graceful Stroke

Part of this cloud formation appears to arch across the sky as if created with one graceful stroke of The Almighty’s brush. I also ran across some grasses that are bent in the wind, and I decided to include yesterday’s simple but dramatic sunrise. Feel free to comment, and thanks for stopping by. Click each image for a larger view.

one graceful brushstroke

One Graceful Brushstroke

ready for the reaper

Ready for the Reaper

big sky sunrise

Big Sky Sunrise

Orange Beach 2012 – Gallery 1

Here’s a gallery of recent photos from an Orange Beach/Gulf Shores AL trip. This gallery includes higher-quality pics than the previous post.

Along with shots from the beach and from our condo, we also took a short hike on a paved trail in Gulf State Park.

There will be more photos coming soon. I hope you enjoy these. I especially like the last photo of the night fishermen.

Orange Beach Pics October 2012 (Preview)

Forgive the quick  post – wanted to show a couple of nice sunset shots from my phone. I’ll post some shots from my camera soon. Enjoy!

Diagonal Clouds

Just wanted to share a photo I captured last November of a beautiful scene that followed the sunset. It will work as a wallpaper for your widescreen monitor. Enjoy it, and have a fantastic week!

diagonal clouds

Diagonal Clouds

Sunset Floral Gallery – May to July

I have said that I enjoy photographing the flowers in our yard in the soft light of dusk.
Here are a few more examples. Click on the images for a larger view.