June 17 Sunset Shadows – Panoramic

June 17 Sunset Shadows - Panoramic

Sunset with Shadows Streaking Through- Panoramic



At Rest

The countryside was quiet as I went out with Max for his evening walk.

There was no wind.
The moon and stars shone. Silently.
There was no droning traffic on the highway.
One jet made a roar that it seemed to be coming from years past. Then it was gone.
No tree frogs.
No birds.
No barking dogs.
No crickets.
A couple of gnats circled and banged into my flashlight.
I turned it off.
They disappeared.
The only sounds were my feet stroking through the grass,
and Max almost inaudibly sniffing the ground where a squirrel or rabbit had passed.
It seemed that the whole world was at peace for the moment.
It was not a creepy, deathly silence.
It was this little patch of earth, resting.



Sunset Collected

Hello again! I saw a beautiful sunset shaping up, so to speak, and hurried home to get my DSLR and attach the 250mm zoom lens. I wanted to be ready for a closer shot than my iPhone would provide. In my rush, I opted not to spend the extra few minutes to drive down the road and get the power lines out of the shot, so I apologize for that.  I hope you enjoy these. I sure enjoyed watching this sunset evolve through its variations.

sunset progression 1

sunset progression 1

sunset progression 2

sunset progression 2

sunset progression 3

sunset progression 3

Golden Half Moon

Last night, 3-4-2013, about 2:40 a.m. Returning home from my first Indiana Pacers game, I spotted the Moon coming up. Grabbed my camera and tripod, and headed out into the cold. This shot was my reward. I hope you enjoy it. Click for larger image.

Golden Half Moon 3-4-2013

Golden Half Moon 3-4-2013

Steaming Snow – 52° on January 11

We’ve had a warm-up in Central Indiana in the middle of our cold, snowy winter. Much of the snow is already gone. But as I looked South from my home this morning, I saw steam billowing up from the snow that remains in the shade of the nearby woods. It seems to be rolling quite high – 50-60 feet high is my estimate. I believe the tallest trees in the woods in the background are about 100 feet. The weather report for today predicts a high of 59°. Won’t be much snow left tomorrow.

Have you seen anything like this in your region this morning?

steaming snow

Steaming Snow in Indiana

BONUS photo:

It was sprinkling lightly this morning. The obvious threat of more rain made me wrap up my little photo adventure. This photo documents the water level in the farm ditch as high as I’ve ever seen it in the 10+ years we’ve lived in our current home.

farm ditch at high level

Farm Ditch at High Level

One Graceful Stroke

Part of this cloud formation appears to arch across the sky as if created with one graceful stroke of The Almighty’s brush. I also ran across some grasses that are bent in the wind, and I decided to include yesterday’s simple but dramatic sunrise. Feel free to comment, and thanks for stopping by. Click each image for a larger view.

one graceful brushstroke

One Graceful Brushstroke

ready for the reaper

Ready for the Reaper

big sky sunrise

Big Sky Sunrise

Orange Beach Pics October 2012 (Preview)

Forgive the quick  post – wanted to show a couple of nice sunset shots from my phone. I’ll post some shots from my camera soon. Enjoy!